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Let’s find out everything about lapis lazuli!

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The word lapis lazuli derives from the Latin lapis, “pietra”, and from the Arabic lazhward, “azure”.
Together with the agate it is one of the oldest precious stones. There are testimonies that date back to the fifth millennium BC, in the time of the pharaohs and Sumerians.
Lapis lazuli owes its characteristic blue color with golden specks to the presence of sulfur and pyrite.
It is the precious stone suitable for people who prefer order and aim to keep everything under their own control.
It is a wonderful gift for children, since they are in the womb and is a “companion” that can help in the most difficult moments of life.
Lapis lazuli finds its perfect position at the height of 5 and 6 chakras. It is indicated in disorders of the throat and upper airways.
There are many effects on the psyche. Known as a stone of friendship, it increases the expressive abilities, makes extroverts and improves interpersonal relationships. It gives mental clarity and helps to clarify within itself.
It is one of those minerals that inspires us and makes us creative, allowing us to see the world even with the eyes of the spirit.